IGP Performance (Part 2)

StarCraft II fans will love the fact that this game can be scaled down so aggressively. Using the lowest possible quality settings the 890GX delivered 82fps at 1366x768 and an impressive 60fps at 1920x1080. Of course, the game looks horrific using these settings but it is very playable. The 890GX beat the Intel GMA HD (900MHz) graphics engine by a 33% performance margin at 1366x768.

The 890GX provided a few extra frames per second when compared to the 790GX while it matched the Intel GMA HD at 1920x1080. The performance when testing with Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2 using the lowest possible in-game quality settings was still very poor and again the visual quality was shocking.

Despite of using the lowest possible graphics settings, none of the IGP chipsets could deliver what we call playable performance in Far Cry 2.