Application Performance

The Intel Core i5 750 processor is clearly faster than the AMD Phenom II X4 965 when working with Excel 2007. The Core i5 750 was anywhere from 25 – 35% faster in this test while the 785G and 890GX chipsets produced similar results.

Here we have conducted our own WinRAR compression test using a 400MB program made up of over a hundred files and a single 700MB audio/video file. While the Core i5 750 and Phenom II X4 965 delivered a similar level of performance when handling the single 700MB file, the Core i5 was considerably slower when compressing the program.

When testing with Adobe Photoshop CS4 we see that the 890GX and 785G chipsets deliver the same level of performance once again. The Core i5 750 does have a performance advantage in this application completing the long HardwareHeaven benchmark around 10% quicker.