Final Thoughts

OCZ has designed these PC3200 Special Ops modules with the overclocker in mind. The ability to operate DDR488 with reasonably tight timings makes them an ideal solution for today and tomorrow. Overclockers can squeeze much more performance out of their system with this PC3200 (DDR400) memory.

While they are a good option for overclockers, these modules can also be used at 400MHz using even lower timings such as CAS2.5-3-3-8 T1. As we saw from the test results, such timings created decent performance gains for the OCZ memory. Performance-wise the DDR PC3200 Special Ops Edition memory modules were very impressive, as they were able to use the T1 Command Rate when operating at DDR488. This is quite important as the T1 setting is much faster than T2; or put in raw terms, roughly 900MB/s memory bandwidth is sacrificed when using the latter.

The “Special Ops” theme is quite cool, though I would do away with the chrome heatspreaders. Replacing the chrome with a simple black honeycomb heatspreader is the way to go.


Priced at ~$200, these modules are a reasonably good value for overclockers and power users. Given their ability to operate flawlessly at DDR-488, while offering a 2GB capacity with CAS3-3-3-8 timings, I would say these are remarkable modules. Unless Value memory is your game, I highly recommend the OCZ DDR PC3200 Special Ops Edition modules to anyone looking for a high-performance 2GB memory kit.