Benchmarks: Prey, Quake 4

Built around the Doom3 engine is Prey, a game which one would expect to favor the GeForce 7900GS, at least over the X1950 Pro. However the 7900GS was never able to get its neck out in front of the X1950 Pro, as it trailed by just a few frames per second at each resolution. Furthermore, the X1950 Pro was once again only slightly slower than the X1900XT.

Another Doom 3 engine game, and again with FSAA 4x + Aniso 8x enabled the 7900GS really struggles to compete with the X1950 Pro. While the 7900GS was much faster at 1024x768, it quickly fell behind at 1280x1024 and stayed down at 1600x1200.