HAF X External Design

Compared to the HAF 932, it seems Cooler Master toned down the aggression of its latest chassis. We like the new design in some ways, but a part of us still prefers the older model. As is often the situation with computer cases, it boils down to personal preference, so not everyone will like the new HAF more than the old one. Regardless, we can acknowledge that the HAF X is a very cool looking chassis, and we think it still has the original's mass appeal.

The HAF X's dimensions are fairly standard for a full tower ATX case, measuring 9.1" wide, 23.6" long and 21.7" tall (23.3 x 59.9 x 55.0 cm) making it slightly bulkier than the HAF 932. It is constructed from SECC (Steel, Electrogalvanized, Cold-rolled, Coil) – a type of metal known for its low cost and high thermal conduction properties, making it ideal for computer cases. There is also a lot of plastic used, but don't let that put you off as the HAF X definitely looks the part.

The front is sleeker than the HAF 932, with less pronounced lines. Again, we liked the original but not everyone appreciated its harsh bold look. Overall, the HAF X's design is much softer. The most notable change has been made to the front fan grill, which is now covered by a honeycomb plate, while the six 5.25" bay covers have been slightly tweaked.

An I/O panel sits above the 5.25" bays and is of a very similar design to the HAF 932 besides the addition of USB 3.0 ports. In total, there are four USB ports, a single Firewire and eSATA port along with two audio jacks. There are also two bright blue LEDs for hard drive activity and power. The I/O panel is easy to access and we like how there isn't a door covering it.

The top of the HAF X looks just as impressive as the rest of the case and is very functional. The power and reset buttons along with the fan LED button are behind a sliding door so you won't accidentally press them – a touch we really like.

Given its name ("High Air Flow"), you'd expect the HAF X to pack some decent cooling apparatus. The HAF 932 ships with a single 230mm fan operating at 700RPM with the option to remove it and install dual 120mm fans, while the HAF X has one 200mm fan and the option to install a second. With a $200 price tag, we would have liked both 200mm fans to come pre-installed though.

The left hand side of the HAF X is much different to the HAF 932 and many users will be happy to find a much larger case window. It's worth noting that while the window is bigger, it still doesn't provide much insight as to what hardware lays within.

Like the HAF 932, a large side door fan draws cool air in, but this fan has been downsized from 230mm to 200mm. The opposite case door features a similar design, minus the window and fan.

Behind the HAF X, you will find a simple setup that mounts the power supply at the bottom of the case. Above the power supply bracket are nine expansion slots and a 140mm exhaust fan – identical to the HAF 932. Three inlet and outlet holes for water-cooling tubes sit at the top.

We were disappointed in the HAF 932's unpainted rear, but we're pleased to see the HAF X has been painted in black everywhere, both inside and out. That concludes the external features of the Cooler Master HAF X, let's move inside for a closer look...