Final Thoughts

When it first launched, the original Cooler Master HAF 932 offered a tremendous bargain given its build quality and features. Sitting at just $130 today, we still think the HAF 932 is the best value full tower gaming case available.

But how does the HAF X hold its own in the more competitive $200 bracket? Cooler Master's latest chassis might not stand out as much as the HAF 932 because it shares space with alternatives like the Thermaltake Spedo and Lian-Li PC-B70, but we believe it's the superior option.

In our opinion, if you dig the HAF series looks, the real question becomes whether you should you skip the HAF 932 and spend $70 more on the HAF X. Aesthetics aside, there are some differences between them. The HAF X is slightly bigger and weighs a kilo more. It supports more form factors and has two extra expansion slots, USB 3.0, dual hot-swappable drive bays, and the ability to mount 2.5" drives. Meanwhile, the larger side window lets you peek at the new internal black paint job.

To answer that question directly, we prefer the HAF X. However, we would borrow a few things from the original given the chance – namely the façade, but that's just our personal taste. At about 50% more expensive than the HAF 932, the HAF X is a more up-to-date, polished product.

Outstanding product: Cooler Master HAF X Full Tower ATX case

Should the HAF design speak to you as it does us, then either case will ultimately fit the bill. Budget conscious consumers should buy the original HAF 932, while the new HAF X offers an updated option for those with a little more cash to splash.