Gaming Performance

We don't have to say much here, really. The Asrock Vision 3D clearly wins when it comes to gaming. While the performance will hardly blow your socks off, remember that we're running a very new game that uses DirectX 10, and we did so in medium quality.

Far Cry 2 uses the DirectX 9 rendering mode and when using medium quality settings, the Asrock Vision 3D delivered playable performance at 1440x900, which is quite impressive given its size. The Asrock Core 100HT-BD on the other hand averaged 7fps while the AMD Phenom II X2 560 averaged 9fps.

Company of Heroes is a bit dated now, but it's still a very good looking real-time strategy title that uses DirectX 10. With the high quality in-game preset activated, the Asrock Vision 3D averaged 34fps at 1440x900 which was very playable. By comparison, the Asrock Core 100HT-BD gave a paltry 3fps.