GPU Assisted Computing

SiSoftware Sandra 2001 Media Transcode might be a synthetic test, but it is a great way to determine system speed beyond memory and CPU interaction. Most video cameras save videos in a proprietary format and have to be converted before you can view them on your PC. This benchmark simulates that common task and is a great way to determine total system speed.

As you can see the Asrock Vision 3D fairs very well thanks to the Nvidia GeForce GT 425M graphics card, producing a throughput of 361kB/s, which is 15% faster than the Core 100HT-BD.

We used Muvee Reveal to apply various filters to a small 768x576 video file, and the Asrock Vision 3D performed very well, beating the AMD Phenom II X2 560 rig by 45 seconds. Meanwhile, the Core 100HT-BD hand struggled with this test taking 47 minutes and 46 seconds to complete what the other two systems did in under 13 minutes.

In this test we took a 768x576 file from a digital camera and ran it through various enhancements on vReveal. Yet again, the Nvidia GeForce GT 425M gives the Vision 3D a real advantage in this test, performing 14% faster than the Core 100HT-BD. In more tangible terms, it shaved off 2 minutes and 45 seconds.