Overclocking Performance

Although the Intel Core i3 370M processor at 2.40GHz proved to have enough guts for daily tasks, some of you will undoubtedly want more performance. Asrock bundled a Windows-based overclocking utility that will let enthusiast users hit 3.0GHz with ease. That's as far as the software lets you go, but that's still a 25% boost in operating frequency and it comes without sacrificing stability.

The above table includes operating temperatures when using the Vision 3D at its default operating frequencies. Even at 2.4GHz, the Core i3 370M processor can reach a toasty 77 degrees. By default, the Vision 3D makes very little noise and it would appear Asrock has sacrificed a low temperature in favor of a quieter operating volume.

Above is a CPUz screenshot of the Core i3 370M processor overclocked by 25% to 3.0GHz using the Windows-based overclocking software.

The BIOS provides an even wider range of FSB options if you're more serious about overclocking, though the CPU voltage can only be increased by 10%. Even so, this allowed us to hit 3.24GHz, or a 35% boost over the standard frequency. Surprisingly, the load temperature only rose to 81 degrees, but the fan speed increased a lot and that made the system noisy.