Lian Li PC-V2120 Internal Design

To access the interior of the PC-V2120, you must undo a single thumbscrew for the left side panel and pull back on the tab assembly, then slide the panel out and up to remove it.

While the chassis may look minimalistic on the outside, it more than makes up for those "shortcomings" internally. Here we find an elaborate series of modular components with room for up to 13 3.5" drives (10 + 3 using 5.25" bay converters). Lian Li includes a VGA card pillar to provide additional support for large graphics cards.

As mentioned earlier, the power supply mounts in the bottom of the chassis with a removable bracket. The PSU sits on raised rails lined with rubber padding to prevent scratching and reduce vibrations. The vents below the PSU supply fresh air to keep it running cool. In front of the power supply is a removable 3-bay hard drive cage. The cage is held in place with two thumbscrews and features pre-installed rubber washers to reduce vibration from spinning drives.

The horizontal divider above the power supply area has three cutouts to route cables through. Each cutout is lined with a hard plastic grommet. There are also eight screw holes that let you mount up to two 2.5" SSD drives with the included mounting hardware.

Near the front of the chassis is a large removable hard drive cage that can hold up to seven 3.5" drives using a tool-less mechanism. Alternately, you can opt to install two 2.5" drives here using the pre-installed SSD mounting brackets in the middle of the cage.

In front of the hard drive cage are two 140mm intake fans and an additional 140mm fan on the opposite side of the cage that funnels warm air from the drives to the rear of the chassis. All three of these fans are tool-less and can be removed easily for cleaning purposes. The two intake fans use air filters to keep dust and debris away from your hardware.

There are five internal 5.25" bays. The top two bays are designated for optical drives and use a tool-less mounting system. By default, the bottom three bays are occupied by yet another hard drive cage that holds up to three 3.5" drives. Using the included 3.5" to 2.5" converter, you can optionally install two 2.5" SSDs here instead. Of course, you can remove the cage completely if you don't plan to add extra drives. A 120mm fan keeps these drives cool.

The motherboard tray is huge, supporting EATX / ATX / M-ATX / HPTX. HPTX is a new form factor from EVGA designed specifically for their high-end dual Xeon SR-2 motherboard. Lian Li's PC-V2120 is one of the very few cases that can hold this massive motherboard. Do note that if you will be using the SR-2, you need to remove the 140mm cooling fan on the side of the hard drive cage for clearance.

There is also a cutout behind the CPU area to aid in installing and removing heatsinks without having to remove the board from the case. Traditionally these cutouts are hit or miss; either it will line up with the CPU backplate on your board, or it won't.

You can see the three 120mm fan ports in the top of the chassis from the inside. I'm not 100% sure on placement, but I assume you could mount a triple 120mm radiator here, given that there are water-cooling holes in the rear of the case.

At the rear of the case are 2 small holes for water-cooling tubes, a 120mm exhaust fan and 11 expansion slots.