Final Thoughts

At $250, the LG Super-Multi NAS N2A2 is about as cheap as 2-bay NAS devices come, especially when you consider the included 2TB of storage. Comparable products by Buffalo, D-Link and Netgear all cost more, while slightly higher-end products such as the Synology DS211 cost $530 when equipped with the same amount of storage, making it more than twice as expensive.

In terms of value, the N2A2 is not just wallet-friendly, but it performs quite well. Until now, we've found cheap NAS solutions to be painfully slow and clumsy. The N2A2 is faster than a USB 2.0 hard drive and supports multiple clients simultaneously very well.

For general setup, the included software is very good. The web menu interface is fairly basic compared to more expensive products like Synology's, but it's still clean and simple to use. The only problem we incurred into was the inability to rebuild the device from scratch if necessary.

The N2A2's physical design is quite appealing. We found the outer shell to be robust and attractive and it scores well in the connectivity department with an easy to access USB port and a quick backup button on the front of the case.

The LG N2A2 consumes very little power, considerably less than our low-end desktop system – 5.3 times less to be precise. It's also compact and very quiet when operating.

We have no problem recommending the LG N2A2 to home users or anyone looking for a budget NAS. Its affordable price along with the excellent build quality make the N2A2 a real winner, we just hope LG can sort out the NAS Detector software for potential OS re-installs down the road.