Benchmarks: SiSoftware Sandra

When running the SiSoftware Sandra file system benchmark we were surprised by the throughput of the LG N2A2, especially given its affordable price. Although it ranked low on our graph, it's up against some very stiff (read: expensive) competition. The LG N2A2 was not a great deal slower than the Synology DS409+ and that's impressive to say the least.

The random read and write SiSoftware Sandra results were also quite good as the LG N2A2 trailed the Promise Technology SmartStor NS4600 by a small margin. With a random write throughput of 25MB/s, the N2A2 won't blow your socks off (this isn't much faster than a USB 2.0 hard drive), but given its price we are still happy with its performance.

The network throughput test reported a bandwidth of 55MB/s. Coincidentally, that's the same throughput achieved by the Synology DS109 and similar to the Promise and DS409+ NAS as well.