Benchmarks: File Write Performance

The Patriot Supersonic achieved a throughput of 74.4MB/s making it 17% faster than the Kingston DataTraveler Ultimate 3.0. Meanwhile, the AData Nobility N005 had a lousy showing, delivering less than half the performance of Kingston's drive. In fact, the N005 saw no performance benefits when using USB 3.0 opposed to USB 2.0 in this test, which was highly disappointing.

Interestingly, the DataTraveler pulled ahead in our game test, performing 8% faster than the Patriot Supersonic, while the Nobility N005 displayed a very weak write rate of just 27.6MB/s.

Our program write test really hammered the drives, with ADATA's performing especially bad at only 12.2MB/s. Patriot's offering jumped up to 22.3MB/s writes while Kingston's remained comparatively strong with a throughput of 37.8MB/s.