Encoding Performance

Unsurprisingly, the F1A75-V Pro displayed an edge in the HandBrake encoding test, scoring 63.9fps – nearly 3% faster than the A75-UD4H and 6% quicker than the A75 Extreme6.

There was a very minimal difference between the three A75 boards in x264 HD Benchmark 4.0, especially when comparing the data from the second pass test. Nonetheless, the F1A75-V did win both tests closely followed by the A75-UD4H and then the A75 Extreme6.

The F1A75-V and A75-UD4H took roughly the same amount of time in the TMPGEnc 4.0 XPress conversion test, while Asrock's board was noticeably slower taking around 10 seconds longer to complete the task.