Gaming Performance

As illustrated in previous reviews, the AMD A6 and A8 Fusion chips deliver far superior integrated graphics performance to Sandy Bridge. The Intel DH61AG managed just 33fps at 1280x800 in Resident Evil 5 while the A6-3650 and A8-3850 pumped out 59fps and 75fps, respectively.

That didn't change in Battlefield: Bad Company 2 as the Intel-based system offered 19fps at 1280x800 while AMD's platforms provided a highly playable 48fps and 62fps.

Even Far Cry 2 in DX9 with the lowest possible quality settings were a heavy burden for the DH61AG and Core i3, which averaged just 32fps.

Newer games such as Dirt 3 will never be enjoyed on Intel's integrated graphics while the A6-3650 was able to produce a respectable 49fps.