High Quality Performance

Using the high quality preset at 1680x1050, we were surprised by how well the relatively inexpensive Radeon HD 6750 performed (45fps), not to mention the GeForce GTX 550 Ti (65fps). When playing on high, Nvidia's graphics cards seemed to perform much better, as the GTX 560 managed 89fps versus the HD 6850's 77fps.

Increasing the resolution to 1920x1200 had a slight impact on performance as the HD 6750 dropped to 37fps, while the 6770 earned 40fps. The HD 6790 was garnered 50fps, which was only 3fps behind the GTX 550 Ti. The HD 6850 was able to match the GTX 460's performance with 67fps, while the GTX 560 hit 76fps.

Now at 2560x1600, the HD 6750, HD 6770 and GTX 550 Ti were unable to deliver playable performance. Furthermore, the HD 6790, 5830 and GTX 460 only provided borderline playable results. The GTX 560 and HD 6850 surprised us with an average of 36fps and 42fps – not perfect, but tolerable frame rates.