Ultra Quality Performance

Going from high to ultra had no impact on most of AMD's cards. Nvidia's cards did lose a few frames per second, as illustrated by the GTX 560's 4fps drop to 85fps. Even so, it still outpaced the HD 6850's 74fps. The HD 5830 managed to meet the GTX 550 Ti, while the HD 6790 was just a single frame slower. At the bottom of the graph, we have the HD 6770 with an average of 49fps, followed by the HD 6750 with 45fps.

Boosting the resolution to 1920x1200 brought the HD 6850 within striking distance of the GTX 560, as it was now just 4fps slower. The GTX 460 was 4fps behind the HD 6850, though its average of 64fps was much snappier than the HD 5830 and GTX 550 Ti's 51fps. Even the HD 6790 performed well with an average of 50fps, while the 6770 and 6750 dipped to 40fps and 37fps.

The HD 6850 led the pack when testing at 2560x1600, averaging 44fps – 14fps ahead of the GTX 560. The HD 5830, 6790 and GTX 460 struggled to deliver playable performance.