Benchmarks: File Copy Performance

When copying a 6GB ISO file on-disk, the Synology DS3612xs maintained a throughput of 314.1MB/s, 11% faster than the TS-879 Pro's 283.4MB/s. As is to be expected, both were much faster on 10GbE.

In case you've forgotten, this test uses a mixture of small and large files. The DS3612xs managed 190.2MB/s while the TS-879 Pro averaged 164.4MB/s, making the former unit roughly 16% faster.

When copying various small non-compressed files, the DS3612xs outpaced the TS-879 Pro by 32% with 67.4MB/s, though the TS-879 Pro's 51.2MB/s was about a threefold boost over the fastest Gigabit NAS.