Benchmarks: File Upload Performance

The upload performance in our single large file test was impressive with the DS3612xs sustaining a throughput of 818.5MB/s and the TS-879 Pro reaching 643.6MB/s. Compared to their Gigabit Ethernet configurations, the DS3612xs was over seven times faster and the TS-879 Pro almost six times faster.

The game copy evaluation includes a mixture of small and large files. Synology's unit hit 555.3MB/s, 26% faster than the TS-879 Pro's 441.3MB/s, though the latter was still nearly five times faster than its Gigabit Ethernet configuration.

The program copy test is comprised of many small non-compressed files. The DS3612xs averaged 234.1MB/s, a 22% lead over the TS-879 Pro, but again, QNAP's NAS was still more than triple the speed of its Gigabit Ethernet configuration.