Benchmarks: Aliens vs. Predator, Metro 2033

The GTX 660 managed 39fps at 1920x1200 in Aliens vs. Predator and Gigabyte's factory-overclocked setting didn't deliver any extra performance. Nevertheless, Nvidia's new card was 11% faster than the HD 7850, only 7% slower than the HD 7870 and 3% slower than the GTX 660 Ti. It also smoked the old GTX 560 Ti by a 22% margin.

When testing Metro 2033 at 1920x1200, the GTX 660 rendered 53fps while the overclocked card was just 1fps faster, making the former 13% faster than HD 7850, 5% slower than the 7870, 12% slower than the GTX 660 Ti and 29% faster than the GTX 560 Ti.