Memory Bandwidth Performance

The A10-5800K's memory bandwidth performance was 30% greater than the A8-3850's when comparing read performance. This margin was considerably smaller – 8% to be precise – when comparing write bandwidth. Given that the A10-5800K is clocked 31% higher than the A8-3850, it's fair to say that little has changed in terms of memory bandwidth.

Furthermore, compared to Intel processors such as the Ivy Bridge-based Core i3-3220, the A10-5800K is almost 30% slower when comparing read performance and 43% when comparing write performance.

The A10-5800K's L2 cache performance was similar to the older A8-3850. There was almost no difference when comparing read performance while its 31% clock boost made the A10-5800K 23% faster in write performance. Again, the A10-5800K was considerably slower than processors such as the Core i3-3220.