IGP Performance

The A10-5800K was a beast in StarCraft II, rendering 73fps at 1280x800 – 35% faster than the A8-3850 and 78% faster than the Core i3-3220.

When playing Resident Evil 5 at 1280x800, the A10-5800K was 27% faster than the A8-3850 at 103fps, as well as 119% faster than the i3-3220's 47fps.

Despite seeing significant performance gains in the previous two games, the A10-5800K was just 14% faster than the A8-3850 when running Battlefield: Bad Company 2 at 1280x800, though it still managed to deliver three times the performance of Intel's i3-3220.

When benchmarking Far Cry 2, the A10-5800K was 31% faster than the A8-3850 at 1280x800 with an average frame rate of 101fps, which was also more than twice as fast as the i3-3220.

Again we see that the A10-5800K was 31% faster than the A8-3850 rendering 59fps versus 45fps at 1280x800 in Sleeping Dogs, and again, this was multiple times faster than the i3-3220.

If the story isn't clear by now: the A10-5800K is substantially faster than its Llano-based predecessor (by 17% this time) and Intel's budget solutions when it comes to gaming on integrated graphics.

The A10-5800K averaged 49fps at 1280x800 in Max Payne, making it 23% faster than the A8-3850. By comparison, Intel's chips couldn't even render playable performance at less than 20fps.

When testing with The Witcher 2 this time, the A10-5800K was 19% faster than the A8-3850, rendering 32fps at 1280x800. The i3-3220 offered less than 10fps.