Benchmarks: Atto Disk Benchmark

Using Atto Disk Benchmark we measure the sequential read performance when working with data as small as 1K and as large as 128K. As you can see the Vector starts of at around 24MB/s, which actually makes it one of the slower drives tested, and the 2K test sees this performance increase to just 49MB/s.

Once we reach the 8K sample data the Vector picks up speed dramatically hitting 323MB/s, which is comparable to the Samsung SSD 830 and Crucial m4, though the Samsung SSD 840 Pro remains notably faster. Finally when working with 128K data the Vector hits full stride and with a throughput of 550MB/s it maxes out the SATA 6Gb/s bus and is as fast as any SSD we have tested before.

The OCZ Vector write performance trends are similar to those seen when measuring the read performance. The drive starts off slow and then dramatically picks up speed when working with 8K data, though still lags behind in the 32K test. Then finally when we hit 128K data the Vector is at full speed hitting 532MB/s.