Benchmarks: File Copy Test

The OCZ Vector 256GB performed well in our single large file test with a throughput of 304.7MB/s, making it a whopping 48% faster than the Vertex 4. In fact the only SSD to best the Vector was the recently released Samsung SSD 840 Pro which managed 330MB/s, making the Vector 8% slower.

Still when compared to other high-end SSDs the Vector did exceptionally well, beating the Crucial m4 by a 34% margin and the old Samsung SSD 830 by a 45% margin. While the Vector was 85% faster than the SandForce driven Kingston HyperX 3K, it was just 20% faster than the Intel SSD 335.

Despite being one of the fastest tested SSDs in our single large file test the OCZ Vector sits sixth in our program copy test. With a throughput of 181.8MB/s the Vector performance was comparable with the Intel SSD 335 and Kingston HyperX. Above those drives we have the Intel SSD 520 Series with 200.5MB/s, the Samsung SSD 840 Pro with 203.4MB/s and finally the Kingston HyperX 3K with 212.5MB/s. It is worth pointing out that the Vector was 61% faster than the Vertex 4.

Finally the last on-disk copy test uses our game data and here the OCZ Vector returns to greatness despite being 5% slower than the Vertex 4. Still with a throughput of 241.7MB/s the Vector is one of the fastest SSDs we have put through this test.