Benchmarks: Battlefield 3, Borderlands 2

The GTX 660 Ti SLI configuration averaged 48fps when testing with Battlefield 3 at 5040x1050, which put it 7% ahead of the HD 7850 Crossfire setup, 12% above the HD 7970 and 23% over the GTX 680. On the flip side, the dual AMD GPUs managed to outperform the two single-GPU cards by 5% and 15%, respectively.

Moving up to 5760x1080, the GTX 660 Ti pair delivered 5% better results than the HD 7970 and 15% better than the GTX 680, while our Crossfire configuration edged ahead of the single-GPU flagships by a similar amount.

Borderlands 2 provided little challenge for the GTX 660 Ti SLI cards as they averaged 72fps at 5040x1050 – 41% faster than the HD 7970 and 24% faster than the GTX 680 – while the HD 7850s were 10% and 3% faster.

At 5760x1080, the average frame rate of the SLIed GTX cards dipped only slightly to 67fps, a healthy 52% lead on the HD 7970 and 31% over the GTX 680. Our Crossfire configuration didn't perform quite as well at 48fps, just 9% faster than the HD 7970 and 6% slower than the GTX 680.