Benchmarks: Max Payne 3, Sleeping Dogs

The GTX 660 Ti cards averaged 57fps when testing Max Payne 3 at 5040x1050, a 19% lead over the HD 7970 and 30% on the GTX 680, and the HD 7850s fared almost as well at 54fps, which was 13% faster than the HD 7970 and 23% faster than the GTX 680.

The SLI pair still managed an average of over 50fps at 5760x1080, making them 19% faster than the HD 7970 and 31% faster than the GTX 680, while the Crossfire cards were 14% and 27% quicker.

The HD 7850s met the HD 7970 at 21fps when running Sleeping Dogs at 5040x1050, which put them 40% ahead of the GTX 680 and 31% over the GTX 660 Tis.

Although the IceQ Turbo's 4GB frame buffer came into use here by doubling the HD 7850s' results, but at 21fps, that doesn't really seem to matter much.