Benchmarks: Just Cause 2, Medal of Honor Warfighter

Just Cause 2's 5040x1050 results were surprising as both the HD 7850s and GTX 660 Tis rendered 47fps, 27% faster than the GTX 680 and 24% faster than the HD 7970.

At 5760x1080, the HD 7850s fell slightly behind the GTX 660 Tis, but the Crossfire setup was still 21% faster than the HD 7970 while the SLI cards were 30% faster than the GTX 680.

The GTX 660 Tis averaged 34fps at 5040x1050 in Warfighter, putting them 3% ahead of the HD 7970 and 17% over the GTX 680, while the HD 7850s matched the former and topped the latter by 14%.

Both the SLI and Crossfire configurations averaged 27fps at 5760x1080, which was 4% slower than the HD 7970 but 4% faster than the GTX 680.