Benchmarks: File Upload Performance

The DS2413+ was again able to max out a single Gigabit Ethernet connection when running our single large file test, this time when uploading. With a throughput of 110.3MB /s, it provided similar performance to the DS713+, which is also equipped with the same Intel Atom D2700 processor.

The DS2413+ and DS713+ remained neck and neck in our game upload test and it's worth noting that compared to products such as the QNAP TS-269L, the Atom D2700 devices were around 10MB/s faster.

Whereas the DS413 dominated our download program test, it doesn't fare so well when measuring upload performance with a throughput of just 24.5MB/s. The DS2413+ was much faster, managing 40.8MB/s. Interestingly, this time the QNAP TS-269L was just 2MB/s slower than the DS2413+.