Benchmarks: File Download Performance

The Synology DS2413+ maxed out the Gigabit Ethernet connection with a transfer rate of 106.5MB/s in our single large file download test. This is similar performance to that of the DS213+, Thecus N5550 and even the DS713+ with the DX513 expansion unit.

The DS2413+ continued to perform well in our game download test, hitting the top of our graph with 71.3MB/s. Again, it just edged out the DS213+ as well as the DS713+ armed with the DX513.

The DS413 uses a Freescale QorIQ P1022 processor and for whatever reason it handles our program download test much better than most of the competition. The Atom-powered DS2413+ for example was 5MB/s slower with a throughput of 26.5MB/s, which was still 3MB/s faster than the DS713+ and DX513.