Application Performance

The AMD A4-5000 took 30.3 seconds to complete our Excel 2013 workload, making it 9% slower than the Intel Pentium 2117U and 22% slower than the Celeron 1020M. When compared to the A4-5300 desktop processor the A4-5000 was 12% slower.

The AMD A4-5000 was just 3% slower than the A4-5300 when measuring multi-threading performance with WinRAR. However keep in mind the A4-5000 is a quad-core processor that comes clocked at just 1.5GHz, so the single thread performance isn’t nearly as impressive. When compared to the Pentium 2117U the A4-5000 was 52% slower when measuring single-thread performance and 23% slower when comparing multi-thread performance.

The AMD A6-3500, A4-5300 and A4-5000 all struggled in our Adobe Photoshop CS6 test, taking between 93 – 95 seconds to complete the test. This meant that the A4-5000 was 38% slower than the Intel Pentium 2117U.