Gaming Performance

As you can see the AMD A4-5000 was able to outpace the Pentium 2117U in Far Cry 3, though with just 15.4fps at 1440x900 using the lowest possible visual settings it is somewhat of a hollow victory. The A4-5000 was only a fraction faster than the Pentium 2117U and Celeron 1020M, while it was 30% slower than the A4-5300.

Although the AMD A4-5000 was 25% faster than the Pentium 2117U at 1440x900 when testing with Tomb Raider, it still produced a mere 16.7fps. This result was also 29% slower than the A4-5300.

Yet again our third test shows that despite beating the Pentium system by a comfortable margin the A4-5000 is still nowhere near delivering playable performance. The chip was also slower than the Celeron 1020M in this case. Clearly, being a higher clock processor plays in Celeron's favor here.