Benchmarks: Battlefield 3, Crysis 3

The GTX 760 averaged 66.1fps at 1920x1200 in Battlefield 3, 6% slower than the overclocked Gainward GTX 760 Phantom. Although the GTX 760 Phantom was faster than the HD 7950, the standard GTX 760 was 3% slower, though it was still 9% faster than the GTX 660 Ti and 12% faster than the HD 7870.

The GTX 760's frame time performance results were fairly similar to what we saw in its frames per second testing as the card was 5% slower than the Phantom edition but 8% faster than the GTX 660 Ti, 17% faster than the HD 7870 and 2% faster than the HD 7950.

The GTX 760 rendered 33.1fps at 1920x1200 in Crysis 3, faring 6% worse than the Gainward GTX 760 Phantom while outperforming the GTX 660 Ti, HD 7870 and HD 7950 by 13%, 39% and 10%.

Crysis 3's frame time margins were quite interesting as AMD-based cards performed better than they did in the frames per second testing. The GTX 760 was still 6% slower than the Phantom model and 14% slower than the GTX 660 Ti, however it was "only" 28% faster than the HD 7870 while it just managed to match the HD 7950's performance.