Overclocking Performance

Although the Gainward GTX 760 Phantom is factory overclocked by 10%, we tried to see how far the card could be pushed with manual overclocking and eventually arrived at a core frequency of 1122MHz and a memory clock of 6280MHz – a 5% increase on the former and 1% on the latter.

Our overclock allowed the Phantom to render 78.9fps in Tomb Raider, 3% more frames than the factory overclock and 13% more than the standard card.

Again, our overclock allowed for 3% more performance than Gainward's stock overclock and 11% more than the reference GTX 760.

We saw similar figures when testing BioShock Infinite: our custom overclock was 3% faster than Gainward's factory overclock and 13% quicker than a normal GTX 760.