Benchmarks: Dirt 3, Far Cry 3

Dirt 3 is starting to show its age, as the R9 290X produced a comfortable 95.4fps at 2560x1600, outdoing the HD 7970GHz by 15%, the GTX 780 by 11% and the GTX Titan by 2%, though it fell 32% behind the 7990.

The R9 290X took just 12.4 seconds between frames, which worked out to a similar standing as seen in the fps testing.

The R9 290X was again 15% faster than the HD 7970 GHz Edition, this time in Far Cry 3. Its average of 39.9fps wasn't enough to overcome the GTX Titan or GTX 780, however.

The R9 290X also trailed the GTX Titan's and GTX 780's frame time results by 17%, despite being 8% faster than the HD 7970 GHz Edition.