Benchmarks: BioShock Infinite, Metro: Last Light

For the second time, the R9 290 is slower than the GTX 780 (with the first time being in Tomb Raider), though it was only 2% behind while being 15% faster than the GTX 770.

The frame time performance between the R9 290 and the GTX 780 was extremely competitive with less than 1ms separating them.

The R9 290 finished our testing on a high note, delivering 44.2fps in Metro: Last Light for results that work out to 6% slower than the R9 290X but 12% faster than the GTX 780 and 28% faster than the GTX 770.

The R9 290 managed to stomp the GTX 780 in Metro's frame time results, taking 29.4ms on average versus 41.6ms.