Benchmarks: Tomb Raider, Crysis 3

When testing Tomb Raider, the R9 290 averaged 42fps or 9% slower than the R9 290X, which is about as big of a difference as we expect to see between these two cards. It was also 12% slower than the GTX 780 but 13% faster than the GTX 770.

Despite trailing the GTX 780 by 12% in Tomb Raider's fps testing, the R9 290 isn't that much slower when measuring frame time performance, taking just 30.4ms between frames.

The R9 290 delivered 33.4fps in Crysis 3, landing 6% behind the R9 290X but 30% ahead of the R9 280X, 12% beyond the GTX 780 and 20% above the GTX 770.

The 290's frame time performance in Crysis 3 was also excellent taking just 31.1ms between frames.