Overclocking Performance

The GTX 780 Ti comes clocked at 875MHz with a boost rate of 928MHz while its memory runs at 7GHz. Gigabyte increased the core to 1020MHz (1085MHz boost) and we pushed that to 1140MHz (1205MHz boost) with the memory raised 200MHz to 7.2GHz. Meanwhile, the standard GTX 780 runs at 863MHz with a boost of 900MHz and Gigabyte increases those figures to 1019MHz and 1071MHz with its GHz Edition card, which we overclocked further to 1120MHz and 1172MHz with a GDDR5 speed of 6.8GHz (all the way from 6GHz).

Our overclock of the GTX 780 Ti resulted in a 10% performance boost over Gigabyte's factory overclock and 21% over a standard GTX 780 Ti, while our overclock of the GTX 780 GHz Edition offered 8% more performance for a 26% lead over the standard GTX 780.

Our custom overclock of the GTX 780 Ti allowed for 7% more performance over Gigabyte's factory overclock and 15% more than Nvidia's spec in Crysis 3. Likewise, our GTX 780 GHz Edition overclock allowed for 8% more performance than Gigabyte's and 32% more than the standard GTX 780.

In Tomb Raider, our custom GTX 780 Ti settings were 6% faster than the factory overclock and 15% quicker than a standard GTX 780 Ti. The GTX 780 GHz Edition's custom overclock allowed for 57.8fps, making it 6% faster than Gigabyte's factory overclock and 22% faster than a normal GTX 780.