Benchmarks: Medal of Honor, Hitman

When testing MoH Warfighter at 2560x1600, the GTX 780 Ti averaged 61.6fps for a 25% boost over the GTX 780, 12% over the R9 290X and 22% over the R9 290. Gigabyte's GTX 780 Ti OC was faster still, offering 66.2fps for performance that was 35% faster than the GTX 780, 21% faster than the R9 290X and 31% faster than the R9 290. Meanwhile, the GTX 780 GHz Edition delivered 58.6fps for average results that were 5% slower than the normal GTX 780 Ti and 7% quicker than AMD's current flagship.

Hitman: Absolution brought the GTX 780 Ti down to 37.7fps, 15% faster than the GTX 780 but only 2% faster than the R9 290 and 2% slower R9 290X. The GTX 780 Ti OC averaged 40.1fps, 5% faster than the R9 290X and 23% faster than the GTX 780, while the GHz Edition card produced 36fps for 10% better performance than a standard GTX 780, even if it was 6% and 2% slower than the R9 290X and 290.