Dota 2 Benchmarks

Dota 2 can be enjoyed on a laptop and at 1680x1050 you don't really need a discrete GPU. Here we see that all discrete cards with the exception of the R7 260X reached the game limit of 120fps. The integrated solution found in the AMD A10-7850K offered playable performance with 51fps, while the Intel HD Graphics 4600 of the Core i7-4770K fared less than ideally at 38fps.

The fps limit of 120fps was less apparent at 1920x1200, though the R9 280X, R9 290 and GTX 760, GTX 780 all still reached it. The R9 270 hit 111fps, while the GTX 750 Ti was good for 102fps. Even the R7 260X managed a very playable 94fps and the A10-7850K's integrated R7 graphics managed 48fps, but the Intel HD Graphics 4600 still struggled with just 32fps.

The integrated solutions couldn't handle 2560x1600 so we dropped them from the results. Despite that, low-end GPUs such as the R7 260X and GTX 750 Ti averaged roughly 60fps, which is ideal.

Dota 2 doesn't include graphics presets like most other games. Instead, you can simply choose to enable or disable quality settings. We turned off anti-aliasing and specular bloom while reducing shadows to low and this pushed the A10-7850K's GPU from 51fps to 56fps and the Core i7-4770K's GPU from 38fps to a comfortable 46fps.