Benchmarks: Metro Last Light, Tomb Raider

The Metro Redux results are a little unusual as the GTX 960 SLI cards were able to match the GTX 980 at 2560x1600 and beat it by a 39% margin at 1920x1200. Making this even more unusual is the fact that SLI offered an 81% performance boost at 2560x1600 and just 66% at 1920x1200. The R9 280X Crossfire setup delivered just 57% more performance at 2560x1600 and 34% more at 1920x1200, so the GTX 960s in SLI were 11% faster.

When testing with Tomb Raider, a single GTX 960 averaged just 33fps at 2560x1600. Adding a second increased performance by a whopping 94% and the GTX 960 SLI cards were 31% faster than the GTX 970 and 10% faster than the GTX 980 while also beating the R9 280X Crossfire cards by 7%.