Benchmarks: Sleeping Dogs, Battlefield 4

The GTX 960 SLI cards again display excellent SLI scaling, this time in Sleeping Dogs. Whereas a single GTX 960 averaged just 24fps at 2560x1600, adding a second increased performance by 96% to 47fps. The dual GTX 960s were 18% faster than a GTX 970 and just 2% slower than the GTX 980 while they were 9% faster than the R9 290X but 18% slower than the R9 280X Crossfire cards.

From just 23fps on a single GTX 960 to a more playable 41fps in SLI, adding a second card offered 78% more performance. Not only did this allow the GTX 960s to match the R9 290X but they were also 5% faster than a GTX 980. Still, when compared to the R9 280X in Crossfire, the GTX 960 SLI configuration was 21% slower.