Benchmarks: Thief, Watch Dogs

The GTX 960 performed quite poorly in Thief, offering just 26fps on average at 2560x1600 versus the R9 280X's 36fps. Unfortunately, SLI struggled to make up for the weak performance, as adding a second card only brought a 50% boost. As a result, the GTX 960 SLI cards were 11% slower than the GTX 970 and R9 290X along with being 20% slower than the R9 280X Crossfire cards.

The GTX 960 delivered an average of 36fps at 2560x1600 in Watch Dogs and adding a second card boosted performance by 69% to 61fps. Although this was enough to beat the GTX 970 by 15% and the GTX 980 by 2%, it wasn't enough to take on the Crossfired R9 280Xs, which were 33% faster.