Benchmarks: Futuremark PCmark05

The PCmark05 graphics test seems to be influenced mostly by raw processor speed, which is evident by the massive score produced by the Core 2 Duo E8400 processor. Although the Core 2 Quad Q6600 is also much faster than the Phenom X3 processors in this test, the amount of cores does not seem to make a difference. This is made evident when comparing the Phenom X3 and X4 results, as they are much the same.

The overall PCmark05 system score is slightly lower on the Phenom X3 processors when compared to the quad-core Phenoms, which was to be expected. The Phenom X3 was much faster than the dual-core Athlon64 X2 5200+ processor in this test despite the X2 being clocked much more aggressively.

The Phenom X3 processors, and even the X4 processors for that matter, were still slower than the Core 2 competition. The memory score did reflect what we saw in EVEREST Ultimate, with the Athlon64 X2 beating all Phenom processors.