CPU Performance

Evolve can use four threads and we saw 92% utilization when using the AMD FX-4100 and 97% when using the Phenom II X3 740. The Pentium G3220 also held steady at 97% utilization, though processors such as the Intel Core i5-3470 dropped off to 55%.

As usual the Core i5 and Core i7 chips delivered similar performance as the latter's Hyper-Threading went mostly unused by Evolve. The heavily-clocked FX-9590 averaged 81fps (11% slower than the Core i5-4690K) and the AMD FX range averaged between 72fps and 81fps while the Core i3-4130 averaged 77fps.

Underclocking and even overclocking the Core i7-4770K didn't do much to alter performance when using a single GTX 980 at 1080p.

Evolve wasn't kind to the AMD FX-9590, and although we saw a relatively steady increase in performance as the clock speed was increased, we only hit 79fps when clocked at 4.5GHz -- still 10fps slower than the Core i7-4770K clocked at just 2.5GHz.