Benchmarks: Atto Disk Benchmark

TechSpot's system administrator Per Hansson pointed out that all Intel enterprise SSDs released after the Intel 710 seem to deliver poor I/O performance at low queue depths and low transfer sizes.

Above we can see that the read performance for low transfer sizes is poor on the Intel SSD 750 Series 1.2TB, achieving just 44MB/s when working with 1K data, 59MB/s for the 2K data test and just 127MB/s for the 8K test.

In comparison, Samsung's SSD 850 Pro starts our test with 70MB/s for 1K, 147MB/s for 2K and 424MB/s for 8K. The SSD 750 provided the same weak performance with the NVMe driver installed.

It wasn't until the data size hit 128K that the SSD 750 took over.

Intel's weak small file performance is highlighted in the Atto write test, as here it managed just 19MB/s when working with 1K data. The 2K data test only saw the SSD 750 creep up to 66MB/s with and without the NVMe driver installed. Comparitvely, the SSD 850 Pro managed 70MB/s for the 1K test and 143MB/s for the 2K test.

With the NVMe driver installed the SSD 750 1.2TB started to pull away in the 8K test with a throughput put of 705MB/s.