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Browsing the web without advertisements is nice. We get that. But as you can imagine, TechSpot costs quite a bit to run – we're a small team of editors and writers, we buy hardware and software to put tests together, we send reporters to cover events like CES and MWC, pay for web development, servers, and so on.

About 95% of our income comes from showing ads on the pages you read on TechSpot. When you visit our site with an ad blocker turned on, we cannot show the ads and cannot charge our advertisers. If we can’t show the ads, we earn NO revenue. And no revenue means no TechSpot.

For that reason here's what we are doing about it:

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TechSpot Platinum beta:

  • Support the tech site you love with a small contribution, and we'll remove all ads and offer a few more perks down the line. Platinum was a 'hidden' account option for some time, but we're now bringing it up to more people's attention. We've often been asked if we'd offer such an option, so here you have it -- TechSpot ad free and guilt free.

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