Old Mobo No-Go

By jef G
May 28, 2005
  1. Old Mobo No-Go and Mystery-OS-o

    At one time, I'm sure this would have been good system to have. Now, it just keeps me busy... maybe too busy

    VIA Apollo MVP3 AGP Chipset 66/100 MHz Front Side Bus
    (VT82C598 north bridge) chipset
    BIOS String: 08/02/99-MVP3-586B-ITE86-2A5LEH2BC-00
    AMD K-2 500Mhz processor
    256Mb RAM

    Here is the info on the PCI card:

    MATROX 644-00 REV: A
    EAF50692 - serial number?

    two white stickers on the card:

    I've been on a friend's computer, or at the public library, trying to track down a resolution to the no-boot situation. So far, I've made no progress.

    The Windows 98 (second edition) OS isn't helping, either.

    The Original Version of Win98 ran for a while, then I bought a motherboard (Shuttle HOT-591P) and "upgraded" to Windows98 Second Edition.

    I keep getting a "fatal error", so that I can't load Windows 98 SE.
    Is this a conflict with Matrox?

    This old Mystique card is "glitching"...

    The error message:

    an exception OE has occured at
    0028:C003B361 in VXD VPICD(01) + 0000039
    this was called from
    0028:C003B2C4 in VXD VPICD(01) + 0000099C

    All other attempts produce similar results.

    I'm ready to go buy a new card, but I would rather just make this work with this old computer, like it used to.

    I probably just need a different driver.

    Help me fix this "dinosaur" please. Thanks.
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    you don't mention trying to get into bios
    need to do this then hit the F10 and save exit
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