Media Rage 2.4 for Mac OS X

Media Rage is a collection of tools for audio enthusiasts.

Older Mac OS
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# Supports reading and writing information in AAC, MP3 (all tag versions), FLAC, AIFF, WAVE, BWF, and Ogg Vorbis media files.
# Read and display EXIF tags in image files.
# Opens and plays any QuickTime compatible file.
# Supports reading and writing Unicode data.
# Fully multi-threaded, providing a responsive user experience.
# Built for Mac OS X from the ground up, and adopts Mac OS X UI guidelines.
# Dashboard and Toolbar windows allow quick access to all tools.
# Duplicate finder - Find duplicate files in your collection, based on your criteria. Easily trash duplicates once found.
# Catalog Creator - easily create catalogs of your files in a flexible manner.
# Media Scrubber - allow quick viewing, comparing, copying, and in-line editing of your media files.
# File Renamer - change filenames on disk based on data in media files.
# Player - a simple player is included for sampling of songs without adding them to your iTunes library.
# QuickEdit - modify the contents of MP3, AAC, FLAC, and Ogg audio files.
# Multiple QuickEdit - modify batches of files in a few easy strokes.
# Organizer - move, copy, link or alias a collection of files on your disk with ease.
# Data Changer - batch modify thousands of files in a single click!
# Artwork Search - search the internet for artwork to add to your media files.

What's New:

[Feature] Support viewing and editing of TV Show/Network/Episode/Season tags in M4V files.
[Feature] Support moving Artist articles from the end to the front in the Data Changer (e.g. "Beatles, The" -> "The Beatles").
[Feature] Added the ability to turn off automatically starting a search when opening an artwork search sheet.
[Feature] Added the ability to open QuickTime files without QuickTime MetaData (e.g. many AVI files).
[Bug Fix] Fixed problem with QuickEdit not knowing that the file metadata has changed if a property is removed.
[Bug Fix] Fixed QuickEdit's ability to save the metadata on files without other changes in the panel.
[Bug Fix] Fixed UI button state glitch when searching for certain criteria.