Kingsoft Antivirus 2012 SP5.7

Innovative Cloud Security System, Unbelievably Fast and Powerful.

13.6 MB
4.74.7 39 votes

K+ Defense
Brand New Cloud Proactive Defense, Intercept Popular Virus Comprehensively.

Smart Scan
Fast, Smart and Light, Smart Scan Makes Scanning within Minutes.

Incredible Light & Fast, Fully Optimized Resource Usage Free Up PC Startup and Performance.

Perfectly Working with Other Antivirus, Provides Outstanding Protection to End Users.

What's New:

  • Download Shield supports extra 2 software:
    • Download Accelerator Plus (DAP)
    • SRWare Iron Browser
  • Filter feature added to Download Shield
    • Scan complete downloaded files while download through web browser
  • Optional settings for removing downloaded Windows update patches
    • You can select delete/save Windows update pactches which have been installed
  • Upgrades for Kingsoft Vul Fix
  • Some bug fixes:
    • Enhance antivirus solutions against Macro viruses
    • Fixed display error of Cloud Defense
    • Fixed bugs of popup window
    • Fixed bug of Application Rules of Defense
    • Other minor bug fixes

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