What's New:

Firmware: 3.11NA
Date: 07/15/09

1. Fixed Web filter issue.
2. Disabled CAPTCHA by default.
3. Fixed setting domain name issue.
4. Change MAC address fields to allow beginning values other than 00 (eg: 08:00:46:EE:D1:C8).
5. Fixed Application Rules function.
6. Fixed pop-up error when editing Access Control Rules in schedule step (IE7).
7. Fixed Uplink speed Field so that it cannot be saved with blank.
8. Corrected enabling "MAC filtering on and allow computers listed to access the network" function without providing MAC address to filter. Warning message will appear.
9. Fixed cannot run Web Filter and MAC filtering at the same time issue.
10. Link-local only for IPv6 issue.
11. CAPTCHA security hole closed.
12. Manual Uplink speed issue. Max transmission rate should be between 20 kbps and 100 Mbps.
13. WPS pin and Default Pin are reset to 0000000000 when "Reset to Unconfingured Mode" button is clicked, in advanced wireless tab.
14. Custom WPS Pin configuration is retained.
15. Fixed turn on virtual server with schedule will cause internet access failure.
16. Fixed schedule over midnight issue.
17. Bittorrent certified.
18. Set default Admin/User password field blank.

Note: This firmware does not allow downgrading to pre-3.1x.